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The Home is the residence of the most dominate one’s time. Place of one’s shelter, rest, and spend time with the loved ones. A warm family and good circumtance of home make the house is not just a home, but a paradise. A dirty, dull and not maintained home affect the warmth and the atmosphere of the home. Therefore, the comfort of the atmosphere in the house is supposed to be the most important thing to note.

It doesn’t have to be big and luxurious, a minimalist home would seem beautiful if the design, form, color and interior payed. If the home’s design is based on the owner’s taste, then unlike the case of color. Both the interior and exterior, color plays an important role both in terms of ethics or taste plants. The use of color for the design interior of home affects the householder. The use of primary and secondary colors, and even tertiary color have varying effects for someone’s psychology. Color also can evoke the mood of a person so that gives impact on the activities that will take place next.

Nature was created with a variety of colors with its perception of each. The patient will recover faster when located in the green room, weightlifting athlete will perform better in a blue-walled room, and more variety of colors application in the room that affects the householder or inhabitants. This thing happens because the mood affects the circumstances of room. The circumstances of room is very affected by the room’s color.

Psychologically, the color can affect the behavior of a person. Color gives significant impact towards the thought of someone. In addition to the sense of beauty, color in a room gives a certain impression that determines whether someone likes it or against an object. The ability of color that creates impression and able to cause certain effects. The effect influence on mind, emotions, body and balance.

We provide variety of references for decorating your home. Every trends and models that we show will always be updated to follow the development, we provide fresh ideas for decorating your home.

We expect your Home instead of just staying home or Palace, but your home is your world. How your home will be describing your personalities that are so elegant and interesting as you want.

Visit us every day, we will present a variety of new references, not just for you but for your family. How can you create a room that is comfortable for your child and family. As we’ve explained, when a design room will greatly affects a person’s character. Where the design room will be able to change the feelings of someone who lived there.



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